Thursday, July 1, 2010

They are means A LOT for me :)

My parents and my brother:), all of my big family, Mehonk, Yasmin Sabilla Bissalis, Gina Puspita Sari, Dwi Rizky Putri Angguntyasti, teh Rani Aulia H, Rahadian R. Galih, S. Sarah Sidabalok, Rivanti Salma N, Biandra Azzahra Wasmana, Hana Hanifah, Anindya Ayu, Annisa Sophia Rainy, Nendia Nurisni, Dinda Rizqy Dwiputri, Suci Pratimi, Laras Salsabilla, Fajar Bagas Adhi, teh Nancy Citra Purnaningtyas, Asyifa Nurani, Tiara Anjarsari, Ratu Anissa, Aulifia Fadhila, Dian Mustika, Celine Rinanty, Raihan Jannathan, Wulan Clemens, Bahana Swara Garuda 16, Garuda 16, Penghapus Karet----
So sorry I just can't write aaaaall of people that I love, yeah it's too many! And for the names that written here are the MOST SPECIAL. Yes they are means A LOT for me, without them I'm so useless. They are just like colourful pencils that fill my life become SO COLOURFUL. Thanks God I can found best friends like them, altough some of them is disappear...But it's ok, I still have the othersssss(and still love them, of courseee)

*ps: FYI, mehonk is my beloved cat's name, he's Rest In Peace now already :')

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