Friday, October 1, 2010

Songs of the Sea

Last holiday, my family and I had vacation on Singapore. And my first plan is.. watch Songs of the Sea at Sentosa Island, Singapore. But the show begin at night, so before it, we just played around the Sentosa Island. Then, at 6.20 pm, we went to the show place, we came so earlier because we wanna get the best seat. And then we waited about 1 hour-_-
Here, photos while we waited the show begin :)

And at 7.40 pm, the show began. aaaa as I tough bef
ore, it is so sooo beautiful! The most spectacular show I've ever watched! It is outdoor theatre featuring water jets, laser, music, fireworks and other dramatic effect. Located at Siloso beach.
Like usually, I took pictures during the show. Here we gooo!

The best moments:

The show finish at about 08.30pm. I'm really satisfied!♥ because my dream comes true ehehe.

Then my family and I went to our hostel. And continue the vacation on the next day.


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