Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Imaginary Dialogue 2

"I want to know everything, Sir. It must be awesome"
"You're wrong. If you know how it actually feels, I bet you will swallow your words back"
"If the human race had a chance to choose how to live, between a worried-genius or a joyful-simpleton, I think we will choose the latter one with no doubt"
"Ah.. It is odd.. I don't understand Sir"
"Do you even realize that knowledge is dangerous? Let's think about this. Do you remember your childhood when you haven't even know a thing about this harsh world, and there, you were happy. Start to imagine a world with a concept of limit equality -- The world of people who will not ask for more, who will live peacefully because they don't know much. You won't have any idea about it. It is tragic indeed, yet so beautiful."
"But human race will not developing.."
"They don't need to, because they don't even have a need to."
"...I got no clue. I will come back to you when I finally understand. Thankyou, Sir"

"Good luck, Son."

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