Sunday, May 24, 2015


One long thought I had this afternoon has brought me into a paragraph of conclusion

Every human being on this earth have the same 24 hours per day, and what makes them different is their preference about what they want to do to spend their 24 hours. 
Yes, we all knew that people have preferences. In some case, there are some people whose preference is a lot different with the common ones in their own social circle. And it even feel worse for them because they are usually that type of people who aren't really good at sharing and expressing their preferences.
Or.. Have a tendency to choose to not to. ;)

Well now I understand that in this kind of term there is no low and high, there is no weird and normal, there is no hard and easy, it is just.. people have preferences, back again.
There must be a lot of people out there who leave their preferences behind and trying to be everyone else just to fit in the social standard. But I personally would high appreciate they who keep being on their own.
So if next time I catch someone who stay in their silence in the middle of blabbing people, I will try to see em as someone who get a lot of interesting stuff hidden, instead of assuming that she/he is an empty one. 

Because just like what Elisa Olga ever wrote "It’s easier to find a conversation partner who will quickly respond to ‘Don’t you know that she’s getting married next month?‘ rather than those who will be excited to respond; ‘What would it be, if human reincarnation was real, who do you think you were, before reincarnated?‘." 
Do you get what I mean?

All we need to do to keep living, improving, and developing is finding a circle that suits us best. And for addition, there is an important task for me that I have to learn how to transform my personal thoughts into verbal words and share it to others so it wouldn't be a waste.

This is a simple thing, yet took a long time for me to understand the real value. 

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