Monday, January 25, 2016

How Empty is Your 'Cup' When You Start Something New?

"Empty your cup." a metaphor I once heard long time ago without understanding what it really means.. until this day. 

Few days ago, my friend and I reached a same conclusion with the quotation above after having some light conversation about how we spent our first term of college. As we both know, these last 5 months, were full of effort, adaptation, and everything in between. 
What became one of our main concern was that we didn't think our past really define who we are now. When we were in high school back then we always said to ourself "anything I do today are gotta be the experiences I learned from to embrace any circumstance I'll find someday." but today... We don't think so. We don't really think it does really work that way.
Because somehow, we both feel that those so-called 'experiences' are not automatically useful for us today. Well, we both agree that the past give us lessons and we could learn from our mistake. But it needs to be balanced with an awareness to keep our head low. It needs to be balanced with our intention to keep learning like we don't know a thing. 
Because if we do not.. we'll lose. 
There are some paradoxes happen in college as we saw people could change 180 degree from how they were back then. It could be either negative or positive transformation, and they also have different background stories, but the important thing is that.. It is our choice how we want to live our present and it does not depend to our past. Because in one new circumstance, everybody start from beginning. Everybody start from zero. I keep wondering it's like there is some unknown voice saying "Don't you dare being so proud about how great your high school were or how big you were back then, because here, we have our own system. Deal with it."
Yes it's like if a cup already fulfilled with some tea so anything poured later will just spilled out of it right? And what will remain is our ego.
This awareness would lead us to the highest point of respect and it's the only point where we could be open to lots of new experiences. Not only for college years but our lifetime ahead!

So.. Empty your cup and you will gain much :)

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