Sunday, March 20, 2016

Been thinking about moving to Wordpress recently :/

What do you guys think, my fellow blogger(s)?


  1. Good idea if you're looking for earning, i'll recommend you to. Well it requires having enough resources, which includes a lot of stuff. But to write for fun, blogger is still the best since it's easier to modify, and beside, you've been here for a quite long time. If people ever know you write, it's from this very blog, not your new wordpress. I mean like, why wander around while you know it's exactly the same thing you're looking for? Blogging is about the writing quality, not the domain, unless you write commercially

  2. And in addition, assuming you have no idea. Let's suppose an analogy, for templates, layouts, and everything technical, blogger is Android and wordpress is iOS. There are free templates, but considering what a piece of junk they are, wordpress demands you to pay to what you desire, and you can do only as much as how many amount you've paid. While, in blogger, you can almost do everything for free if you happen to know how to operate html, although it's a little harder now since blogger has some new policy, yet it's still possible to modify as far as you want

    1. Panjang bet HAHA thanks mr. advisor to make it even more tempting unless for what you've said to remind me where I came from (y)