Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Short Story About One Girl

So here's a story about one girl who can't forgive herself for not knowing what she actually want.

She loves to seek for soul that would match hers
She loves to build a tower of trust with anyone, anything who could make her passionated
Yet at the very same time, she always have that conscious and unconscious determination to withdraw from anyone, anything that would get her involved and bounded emotionally
She is that complicated
She is bad at admitting her own feeling
She is bad at being true for herself
She always end up taking choice that she never even wanted 
Once she found what she want,
She will afraid
And again end up avoiding it

One day, she finally found a soul that would help her burn the shadow of her past 
A warm, gentle and caring soul that has lighten her weeks and bring back a summer to her world
A deep mind that could solve her puzzle
A pair of eyes that would straightly look at hers as she speak her heart out
A pure smile and laugh that could melt her down in the end of her bad days
Yes she always been need it 
But then again, she took one step back 
Because she was just too afraid she would fall for a different hole with the same depth as she once fell into
Then she chose to keep living in a cold winter to avoid the disappointment of a summer-end
She keeps trying to build a kind of barrier to protect herself from being hurt
Without realizing that it also mean it would keep herself away from the bless of life called.. love

She still can't deal with the concept of losing

Yes, it's her

A girl who keep drawing around herself a kind of magic circle which no one can penetrate.

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