Monday, July 18, 2016

Universe in Us

So we've both agreed that our heart is a vast expanding universe
In which each star has its own life span without depend on one another;
on nothing but time

Look inside 
and you will find 

One star which keep growing
Until nobody knows when
While another has stopped growing
but then keep lasting
Some others may start fading
and eventually dying.

They all work in parallel
So chaotic that all we can do is putting hope in time

But sometimes they are just being too quiet
That all we can feel is just the emptiness of space and time

What we should know is that
No one really knows,

How dark
yet splendid
And how big..
the universe is.


Well thanks buddy. Such a nice talk, tho

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Into The Wild (bukan review)

Kenapa gue baru nonton film ini sekarang!?

Lo setuju ga sih kadang ada film yang sesungguhnya dibilang seru banget sih nggak, bikin berdebar-debar atau nangis atau takut sih nggak juga dan super jauh dari kata sophisticated dan gak tergantung apakah plot twisted atau ngga, tapi somehow it gets you in flow. You are just happen to get immersed in its words, songs, or cinematography. You are visually and verbally engaged and it succeed stealing your heart. I've found some before; ada Before Sunset, I Origins, Boyhood, The Art of Getting By, Amelie, dan Midnight in Paris dan mungkin masih ada lagi.. Gua gak tau kesamaan di antara film itu semua apa dan disebutnya apa. 
Tapi mereka semua kayak harta karun.
Dan di antara semua itu.. Film ini salah satu yang paling gua syukuri hahaha

Into The Wild

So here I am still being overwhelmed by its beauty -- collecting some favorite footages 

Thank you, Christopher McCandless