Monday, January 2, 2017

Imaginary Dialogue (4)

A: Brother, can you stop and save me from growing up?
B: Why all of a sudden?
A: You once sensed my growth from how life has given me lesson by the way I face anything so neat and quietly lately
B: Yes, in a good way. What is so bad about that?
A: The thing is, it actually makes me lose something I used to feel. 
B: Which is?
A: Excitement. The emotion coaster which extremely brings me up and down full of joy. Those wonder about any possibilities exist, which turn will I take next, while keep holding onto hope of the worth it will give me at the end. 
You know what brother, I just kind of missing it.
B: Then what makes you think by stop and saving you is the way of getting it back?
A: For the way it works like a double-edged sword 
B: Dear little sister, I knew it. 
It is indeed a part of the ride, in spite of two things you just don't realize: that at this very moment you haven't actually stepped out of the coaster, and you are actually able to manage how the track will roll. 
It is o.k. if you are now on the flat, toneless part of the track, but don't let the ride dims you. 
The line between what is ordinary and extraordinary is so thin that you are actually the one who creates it. 

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