Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today's Afternoon Rain

Today I met Iswa, a girl who loves rain and would prefer going out for 'ngojek payung' than staying home with her gamer-brother

"Air ujan kotor tapi aku suka!"
"Uangnya buat beli hape"
"Habis ini aku mau beli eskrim"

She once caught a cold because of her habbit of eating an ice cream after a rain stops rightaway, yet she was still going to do it anyway.

She worried nothing 
She kept dancing
and sang her own song 

I was thinking about how happy she is and wondering when was the last time I get wet because of rain, when suddenly a wind blew and magically FLIPPED my umbrella inside out -- it all happened in one second as if the universe wanted me to feel the rain too.

I laughed hard, so she did :) 

"Gapapa nanti Iswa minta ayah benerin payungnya!" 

Then we walked and talked all the way down to a nearby train station, umbrella-free! Yay!!!
Thank you Iswa for being a friend and turned the helpless 10 minutes worth something more

Sorry for being too sentimental 
but today's afternoon rain brought me one kind of warmth like no other day. Hehe <3

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